segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

Updated (ing)

i know that isn't even a word but you gonna get it.

Today, i'm trying to get everything in day. i started to my profile  picks and new review police  Even my little group suffered some changes. So lets continue  i'm updating my sponsors list too, i still work with some of my favourite designers ,but in these days i noticed that ,every day small, stores are opening  it's a good thing indeed, so if you have a small and new shop and want a blogger  here i'm  :D But there is a catch, your stuff need to be something different than the others need to be special. Can be mesh, prim o  texture layer stuff, skins, hairs, whatever ,just need be different. Send me a private message in-world to Isis Feden

Next point; Blog roll and Feeds. i still some links but if you aren't in the list and wanna trade links, let's do it :3
Put below your link and add this:

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