terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012


The last times i had some problems with my pc and my keyboard. The laptop was all the time crashing lagging and i had a lot of problems to take decent photos. In other hand the keyboard was all the time messing around with me and be stupid afff...Now i have a ''new'' pc! Actually isn't new, it's my brother's laptop isn't the best , but is better than the another one for sure. And it's mine LOl (brother and sister business) I download the exodus viewer and i was super happy that finally i would have the awesome shadows and shades that a lot of bloggers use! For my surprise , in the viewer everything was perfect (slow, laggy and awesome) but when i saved the photos some stranges lines appears and in a couple of pics show a big fat black square. Yeah, don't know why =(
Then, so far i will stay with no shadows but i will try my best to take the best photos as possible!

Blog Post comming soon (Maybe today)

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