quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

cya u soon

Guy one more written post, this one is the last! The last post for some time, it's time to say a ''see you soon'' and a ''take care guys''.

I had a lot of fun blogging ,in this year and half, i discover skills that i never dream about, i wrote in english (LOl a big yay for me), i found new stores, i laugh so much, i meet fantastic bloggers and designers, i had some arguments with not so much lovely people, i was really happy blogging, indeed, but now it's time to moving forward and be happy in my RL too. It's time to dedicate my time in my Real Life, i have a fantastic boyfriend , amazing family and a lot of goals to this new year and i need fight for it.

I remenber in the beginning of this experience, i had ZERO sponsors! I sent a lot of notecards , trust me lol and  i still remember the first sponsor i had, was a stored called REMY (it's now closed). I was so silly that i just noticed the designer sent the pack for blogger days after LOl.  And with the time some designers trust me and start to send me some review copies. So , i didn't started blogging becouse the review copies becouse i still my theme '' more for less'' with my looks having everytime something free and some stuff that i bought.

The feedback was really important for me, i always loved helpping people and give tips for people.
I was so happy everytime that someone tell '' i like your blog'' or ''you make me buy everything'', isn't pride but feels nice when people like what you do, its from them that i blogged!

I should say A BIG THANK YOU  to:

My sponsors who trust me and beliave me! With you guys blogging would be so much harder!
My followers who day after day check my blog and keept the blog alive <3
And for every haters hehe thanks for hatting me, becouse anyone hates the unknow, ugly and poor person!

Some day i will back, maybe some days, weeks or months after...becouse forever is so much time =3
I gonna still log in and chat in SL so if you wanna add me: Isis Feden

Cya u soon guys =3

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